Summer Camping 2018

We haven’t written a post in FOREVER!  Life has been busy, but when is it not?  I hate it when people use that excuse too.  I have lots of drafts saved of blog posts that I’ve started and then didn’t publish.

Well, it’s time to share with y’all!  This is an update on our camping trips from LAST SUMMER. Yikes! It was our busiest summer of camping trips.  We did a lot of traveling.  I’m glad I decided to go ahead and publish because it has been sweet looking back and reminiscing.


Last May we took a trip to Camp Gulf in Destin, Florida.  This is our favorite camping beach spot.  I know a lot of other campers think it’s too crowded.  We just can’t get over the fact that it’s right on the sand.  This will be an annual trip for us!  This trip ended up being with most of Nathan’s family.  We also extended it to 10 days! Our longest beach trip ever! It sounded good at the time of booking, but in reality it was too much with two young kids.  A week in and I was ready to head back.  And that is NOT normal for me.  Overall, it was fun trip with lots of beach time.  We had wonderful weather and made sweet memories with family.

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June led us to Myrtle Beach, SC.  All of my dad’s family is there so this was more of a trip to see them and mix in a little bit of beach time.  We ended up booking a site a little on the later side and stayed at Lakewood Campground.  It was okay just not our favorite.  It wasn’t the worst, but we kind of want to try another one next time around.  We enjoyed seeing our family and eating at all our favorite places!

We did not camp anywhere in July.  Nathan and I took an anniversary trip to Asheville, NC to celebrate twelve years!  It was so nice to get away without kids for a few nights!  The food and sightseeing never disappoints.  We have camped in Asheville before kids and it was tons of fun.  We are hoping to take a trip there one day soon with the camper.

In August we stayed closer to home and went to Vogel State Park in North Georgia. This was a trip with family.  Some of us camped and some stayed in cabins.  I wasn’t sure what to expect because I’ve never camped there and my family hasn’t ever camped together.  It was so much fun!  The cabins there are really nice.  We enjoyed all the typical camping activities: hiking, biking, swimming, sitting around the fire, etc.  I think if we were to do anything different we should make it a little longer of a trip since we only had one full day there together.

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Our last summer adventure was to Saint Simons Island, Georgia on Labor Day weekend.  Nathan was there for a work trip so the kids and I met him and enjoyed the beach.  This was not a camping trip but fun nonetheless. It’s such a cute little town.  This was Wyatt’s first trip to the beach since he’s started walking and it was so cute seeing him go up and down the beach.  I was worried he’d be a little hard to manage but it wasn’t too bad.


We have really enjoyed our little camper and are trying to make as many memories as possible!


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