not so sunny Sunnybrook


When I think of campers I think of old, musty, brown, and lots of work.  That’s mostly true.  (Seriously, just look at a 2017 model and try to find one that’s not brown inside.)  That’s why I wasn’t interesting in purchasing anything of the sort.  Nate has always wanted one.  He grew up camping.  His family owned an RV dealership for half a century.  It was in his blood.  It wasn’t until I starting thinking of remodeling that I was convinced. Why can’t we make it homey and cute inside?  I proposed an idea to Nate with some pictures and he was immediately game.  Thus began our search for the perfect camper.  It didn’t take him too long to find one fit for our family of four.  Thanks sketchy Craig’s List! We found a 2005 Sunnybrook Sunset Creek model.  Who thinks of these names?  It’s 30 feet long and has lots of space, mostly because of the slide-out.  The problem however was the inside.  Imagine buying a dirty hotel room to drive around.  I’m talking the bedspread matches the curtains that match the bench that match the couch that match the wallpaper.  I’ll give you one guess as to the color scheme.

We had some work ahead of us!  And by we, I mean Nate.  Stay tuned for pictures!


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