the perfect couch

Nate has done all the dirty work.  Literally.  Cleaning rat droppings out of the oven is not something I ever care to do.  (Now you’ll think of that every time I use the camper oven.  Don’t worry; it won’t happen too often.) Now that the camper is rid of the ugly furnishings, flooring, and everything has a fresh coat of paint, it was my turn to start thinking about decorating.  First, I thought about the couch and table.  I knew I wanted some kind of convertible couch.  It needed to be mostly lightweight and the right size.  Black or grey would be best to hide dirt.  I also wanted something that didn’t have arm rests on the end.  It sounds weird, but it seems like a larger couch without them.   I looked at other blogs and pictures of other campers.  IKEA had one that was a perfect match.  Turns out it was in-store pick up only.  Well I am more of an online-shopper-ship-to-my-house-I-don’t-go-in-stores-anymore (unless Target, because of course) kind-of-girl.  So we never made it to IKEA.  I kept looking and Amazon came to the rescue.  I found this beauty for a steal!  The back folds back into a bed (for a small human).  This was the first piece to go in the camper after flooring and it suddenly started feeling cozy.

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