I knew the kitchen backsplash needed something fun.  I decided to try peel-n-stick “tiles”.  Let me go ahead and tell you, it is a NIGHTMARE for an OCD person.  The tiles are not cut exactly perfect.  The lines of the camper walls aren’t 100% straight.  You also have to cut the tiles to fit around the outlets and windows.  I’m sure cutting a sticker is easier than tile, but it’s still a pain.  I’m not finished.  I was close to being done and ran out of stickers.  I read that they held up well but only time will tell.   Actual wallpaper would have been MUCH easier.   I’ll show you a final picture when it is completely finished.  For the record, this video documents about 2 minutes of work.  I think I’ve logged 4 hours so far.  If you see an uneven spot just please don’t point it out.



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