bunk beds

Standard RV bunk beds are great for family traveling.  If you’ve ever purchased a floor plan with bunks then you know they are really intended for older kids.  With two kids under the age of 2, we were challenged with trying to make the bunks both functional and safe.  I spent a significant amount of time searching the internet to see other bunk conversion ideas and eventually pieced together a plan that I think will work for our family.  Let us know what you think!

Step 1: Lots of measuring and a sketch that looks like a prison escape plan.  Don’t judge.  It made sense to me.


Step 2: A basic frame using 1″x3″ (actual 3/4″x2.5″)img_6412.jpg

Step 3: Make sure frame fits and pre-drill holes for mounting


Step 4: Add another rail for top bunk, add ladder and frame in the back to fully enclose the ladder area so that kiddos won’t get stuck



Step 5: Paint and add the crib door with 2 3/8″ board spacing with hinges and gate latches.

Done!  Total project time 5-6 hours.


Before, During, After!

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 9.54.56 AM.png


I can’t post this without quoting one of the best movies!bf216b62c6f30455bb75c5fa6fce8bf9cf172dda184cd5886b805facb92188e3

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