Window Treatments

Since we removed the blinds in the RV it was necessary to find some method for privacy. Price was also a huge consideration in deciding to go with blinds or shades.  I even considered doing a mirrored one-way glass tinting.  Ultimately we settled on shades.  Lowe’s had these 6 mil. bright white Levelor shades for $7-11 each and even cut them to size for free.  Word of advice, plan on this process taking an hour and a half or more.  More advice: don’t go with your wife, almost 2 year old and 5 month old.  Make sure to measure from either mount-to-mount or material width.  If you don’t tell the person cutting them, they will likely choose the wrong way.  It’s also a good idea to measure them after they cut and before you purchase the shades.  I learned the hard way on this one and had no less than three trips to Lowe’s to make this right.   I also found that 1.5″ either side of the window was the minimum added width for ensuring the shade provides proper light blocking and privacy.

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