Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 9.27.35 PM.pngFor those of you reading this, I truly hope to inspire you in your own project. That said, I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t warn you of the financial and time commitment involved with completing such an endeavor. Prior to starting the renovation, I spent a lot of time reading other blog posts and they all had a very common theme……it looked so easy! One ugly before shot and one awesome after shot and a few hours or work.  Not hardly.  I’ve also seen budgets for these projects for $1,500 – $2,000. I’m here to tell you there is no way! If you do this project correctly and you have a full time job, you should easily plan on 10-12 weeks.  Price is primarily dependent on the condition of your RV but even if it’s in perfect working condition, I think $2,500 should be the minimum budget for a 30′ trailer.

With all this in mind, I thought it might be helpful if I make a list of tools and purchases critical to our project. You don’t need these exact items, but I’m being specific with what I used.

– Cordless Drill (love my Makita drill/impact driver combo) ***highly recommended
– Phillips and square head bit (you’ll use the square head on 99% of screws)
– Assorted drill bit set and Screwdriver set
– Kregg Jig, and assorted lengths of cabinet screws
– Vice grips
– Allenn Head bit set
– Duct tape (always needed)
– Box cutter
– Rubber Hammer and ball pein hammer
– Multiple pry bars
– Air compressor
– Pneumatic Zip Wheel and/or Sawzall
– Combo staple/brad nailer (cheap harbor freight works just fine)
– Miter Saw (mine is 12”)
– Table Saw
– Jig Saw
– Set of wood clamps
– Good workbench with vice
– Electric sander
– Respirator Mask and goggles
– Shop Vacuum and shop lights

Shopping list:
– Assortment of brad nail and staple sizes
– Assorted sand paper (medium and fine)
– RV panhead screws (1”, and 1.5”)
– 8.5” x 32” Dicor EPDM rubber roofing
– Dicor lap seal (6 tubes)
– Dicor roof glue – 2 gallons
– 2300 sealant (6 tubes)
– Fridge roof vent, 2 roof vents with fans and garnish, 2 plumbing roof caps, skylight with garnish
– Vinyl insert (200’)
– Butyl tape (200”)
– Black spray paint (flat) x6
– Ultra white spray paint (flat) x3
– Wood glue
– Quarter round 8” lengths x 10
– Interior trim 1/4”x1” x 10
– Flooring (smartcore engineered flooring, Mckinely oak, 7 boxes)
– pre-primed hardwood paneling 4×8 – 5 sheets
– 1x 8” sheet prime cabinet board 1/2” thick
– 2x 3/8” structural plywood
– 10 x 8’ tongue and groove ceiling boards

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