first trip

IMG_9478.JPGWe decided to stay a few nights at the beach before Disney.  We were trying to break up the drive a bit also.  It turns out most of the places on the beach were booked (in Feb!) so we ended up in Destin. We love Destin.  It’s our go-to beach. Nothing beats the white sand and clear water.  Also, we dream about McGuires steaks year-round. If you visit Destin, eat seafood, but also go to McGuire’s Irish Pub.  Trust me.

The drive down was pretty uneventful which is what one hopes for with a 2 year old and 8 month old.  We downloaded movies and shows for Amelia.  We are pretty strict with technology/tv, but feel that car rides are a different category.  Wyatt has entered into the squealing age which gets pretty loud, but I’ll take that over crying any day.

We wanted to be close to the beach, but I had no idea how close we would be. Our camper was on the sand.  The best part of this premium site was that we could put the kids down for a nap and sit behind the camper on the beach with a monitor.  Heaven on earth. I can’t remember the last time Nathan AND I were on the beach at the same time without kids.  I’m sure it was before kids.

The weather was warm when the sun was out and a bit chilly when it got cloudy. Overall, it was wonderful for February.

Amelia loved the beach and “sandcastle.” When she woke up the first morning she immediately said, “Go play sandbox!”  She didn’t want to get super sandy, but still played in the sand.  She said the ocean was jumping (big waves) which I thought was pretty cute. Wyatt was super chill and loved crawling around and then sucking on his sandy fingers.

We worried about them both sleeping in the same room.  Turns out they would fall asleep pretty easily and liked to wake up VERY early on vacation.  They averaged 5:30 am wake ups every. single. morning. Ohmygosh. One morning it was 5 am.  I didn’t get up that early when I worked. It threw our schedule off but who really has a schedule when on vacation?

I will post tons more pictures later and Nate can do a more in-depth campground review.

We will definitely be back this summer to Camp Gulf.  We were spoiled rotten.

As Amelia said this morning, “Bye, bye beach! Go see Mickey!”


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