8 months young


Lucky boy turned 8 months at the start of our beach trip.  He is so easy going and loves being outside.  His personality is really starting to emerge.  He’s just a happy boy.

Here’s what Wyatt loves now–

🔹 His sister! Anytime she comes near him  his face lights up. She makes him laugh more than anyone. Penny, Nate and I are all a close second.

🔹His fingers. He is always sucking his fingers. All. Day. Long.  Nathan and I both sucked our fingers so I guess one of our children were destined to do the same.

🔹Crawling. He is into everything now and wanting to pull up if he can. Side note: It’s super gross to have a baby that crawls AND sucks their fingers.  Floors are nasty.

🔹He is almost saying mama and dada. Nathan said he’s heard both, but I haven’t yet. Nathan has also said that he said dada first. I’m refusing to believe that nonsense.

🔹If he’s not sucking on his fingers then he’s chewing on anything within reach (your arm, the edge of the table, car seat strap). One waitress told us to freeze a carrot as a teether. 😳 Anyone have tips? All this to say,  he has two bottom teeth and lots more on the way.

He is going swimming for the first time today.  I can’t wait to see him in the pool!

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