Destin, Florida

IMG_9476We are home now and missing this view!!  It was the perfect camping spot.  We already booked our spot for this summer and are counting down the weeks until our next trip!

The first night we got there we set up and were too tired to think of cooking so we ordered take out.  We put the kids in bed and sat outside eating Chinese and playing cards.  It was so nice to sit outside at night in February.

The next day we played on the beach. Amelia went the playground a few times and we all just enjoyed being outside.  The weather was AMAZING.  It was sunny and a little bit windy.  This was the day the kids took a nice long nap at the SAME time.  We went to dinner at our favorite spot that night.  A perfect day in my book.

Saturday it was a little bit colder, but not too cold to stay inside.  I was able to sit and read a book (when does this happen!?) and relax.  Nathan took Amelia to the indoor pool.  She didn’t love it right away and kept asking to go back to the beach.  We debated on grilling out at the campsite, but ended up going to Baytowne and ate near the water and pier.  There was live music nearby which always makes any dinner more fun.  We walked around Baytowne and got some ice cream.  Nathan’s flip-flop broke so he hobbled along all night.  It was quite entertaining.

Here are some more pictures from our first camping trip!






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