Camp Gulf Review


Camp Gulf in Destin, Florida

The Good:
From the moment you pull up you realize that the staff at Camp Gulf is hard working and first-class. The owners have done an incredible job building their team and employees seem to really buy into the customer-first mantra. We were escorted immediately to our site by two employees on golf carts and they coordinated us backing into a tight spot, watched my truck and RV while backing, and even offered to help set up. I’ve camped my whole life and have never seen such an organized campground staff.

Location-Location-Location!!!! You will be hard pressed to find another campground that is literally on the white sandy beach. Also, just a short drive to Baytowne and an easy drive to the west end of Destin. The area of the beach feels very private, tucked away from the hustle and bustle high-rise condos and 6-deep rows of chair service and obnoxious vendors. We found the campground to be very quiet, full of friendly guests; everyone we encountered seemed respectful of the campground rules.

Having two young children, we found the beachfront sites to be an extreme luxury. We could sit out in our beach chairs right behind the camper and still hear the monitor during naptime.

The Bad:
Not much is bad, but if I’m being picky…..during the winter the north pool isn’t actually heated, they just have a large inflatable dome over the pool, which solar “heats” the pool. I thought it wasn’t too bad but our toddler shivered in dramatic fashion and wanted to leave. Also, if you stay on the premium beach front sites you don’t have sewer hook ups; you have to pay $10 and call prior to 9am to have the tanks pumped out. I waited too late one of the days (11AM) and realized our gray water would likely not make it till the next morning and it cost $40 for a non-scheduled pump out. I knew this going in so I’m hesitant to complain but that seems a little excessive.

If you have a beachfront site you will likely be next to a Class A motorhome. If you are in a travel trailer/fifth wheel just know that if you park next to a motorhome they will pull forward into their site, which means you, will be door to door. The older couple next to us was very friendly and quiet. However, I could see a scenario where annoying neighbors could make this a little uncomfortable. Lastly, some of the sites are a little tight, especially on the far east and west rows as you get closer to the beach. We stayed in one of the 500s sites the first night and it was tight. We maybe had 10 feet on our front side and our slide out basically backed up to our neighbor’s awning.

Conclusion: Despite any small negatives about this park, I would HIGHLY recommend staying here. The staff is A+, location and atmosphere are second-to-none. You will not be disappointed!!



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