Disney’s Fort Wilderness Review


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The good

You won’t find a better, more relaxing way to do Disney. We really loved our stay here and found it to be a peaceful respite from a busy day in the theme parks. The park is very kid friendly for all ages and maintained to the highest level to be expected by the Disney name. We found the facilities to be very clean, well maintained and easy to navigate. We found the shuttle to the marina to be more work than it was worth, but really enjoyed our 10 minute walk every morning to take the ferry.

The Chip-n-Dale sing along was so much fun for the kids.  Amelia loved dancing with characters.  However, you probably wouldn’t do it more than twice.  After the Chip-n-Dale sing along they show a Disney movie.  There is a food truck nearby for popcorn or snacks.  They run two movies nightly on the weekends. This was one of our favorite parts of staying in the campground.

The pool was very nice although it closes early at 8pm.  It was huge and had lots of life guards. There was a splash pad and big water slide into the main pool.  They have Disney trivia and other fun events daily at the pool also.  Also, the park spends a ton of money on mosquito control and we really didn’t have any bug issues.

In the campground are two of the Disney character dinners: Mickey’s Backyard Bbq and Hoop-De-Do Musical Revue.  This is convenient to attend and lots of fun.  There are also many different restaurants, a general store and a laundry mat in the campground.  There is a small beach that faces Magic Kingdom.  You can head to the beach at night to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks.  If you camp with your dog there is a huge dog park.  You can find playgrounds throughout the campground also.  There was even a basketball hoop in our camping area.  Disney knows how to cater to kids and families!

The bad

We had some annoying neighbors the first two nights of our stay and unfortunately there wasn’t any greenery or natural barrier between our campsite and the annoying neighbors behind us. If possible, try to pick a site that doesn’t have campsites behind you. I think you will find the natural barriers beside you to be very private.  The squirrels are out of control. You can’t leave ANYTHING outside that they think could be food. Even if it’s not, they will steal it or rip it apart.

I tried to have my propane tank filled at the Meadow general store but they don’t fill them on demand. They tag it with your info and will call you when its done. They never called me so two days later I drove by and asked to pick it up. They said that my tank had to be recertified and they could not fill it. I used to fill propane at an RV dealership, all we had to do is make sure the tanks were the new style with internal shut-off valve.  I had never heard of the tank having to be recertified. Either way a phone call would have been nice so I could make other plans. While the park seems very safety oriented and organized, they do allow golf carts with seemingly no rules or anyone monitoring. Most people were very respectful but a few were a bit annoying at times.

Lastly, the biggest annoyance is that the sewer hook-up is about 4-6” elevated on a concrete pad and metal sink. This is nice in theory, but doesn’t allow good drainage for RV’s with a low sewer hook-up. I would definitely recommend purchasing a system for sloping your sewer hose or else you could have serious tank issues or blockages. I had some issues and thought it was the hose but actually it was the park sewer pipe that wasn’t draining well. It was out last day so I didn’t call maintenance.

This is the best way you could ever do Disney. Parks during the day, relax outside by the pool at night, then walk to the marina beach for fireworks before bed.  If you compare this luxury to the price of staying in any other of the resort properties you’ll never be disappointed!!

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